How long is a piece of String?

One of the most common questions I am asked is, "How long will it take me to knit this?"

Ball of wool wjk

This is difficult to answer because everyone has their own knitting pace and time to spend knitting. Even though I am an experienced and confident knitter, I am actually very slow. Meanwhile my friend Kathy, knits like a woman possessed! She whips up beanies in a matter of hours.

You can probably make an assumption that a small simple project will take a shorter time than a complex large item. For example a beanie should be quicker than a cable knit jumper, but you never know!

Knitting to a schedule can be difficult especially if you are relatively new to knitting or perhaps trying a more difficult pattern. If you plan to give a knitted gift for Christmas, I suggest you get going now and don't wait to cast on the day before!

The kits available on are designed to be small simple projects to encourage people to finish them before they lose interest or find it too difficult.

However just like reading a book, each person has different time to spend and speeds of reading so there is no definitive answer.