What 'does' jane knit?


Hi, I am Jane.

I live in Melbourne, Australia.

The website I have created is to help beginner and novice knitters create nice things!
I love knitting simple yet stylish accessories and garments and I find it so rewarding for these pieces to become part of my everyday wardrobe.

Many people are inspired by what they see on the ‘high street’ and in fashion magazines,  currently hand knits are all the rage.
Unfortunately many of these popular pieces, especially the super chunky knits are quite expensive (really expensive) even though they look simple to create.
It is inspiring for a knitter to be able to complete their project before they get bored with it, I hope these knitting kits will be just the ticket.

The kits are a great starting point for anyone interested in knitting and also a fabulous gift for your very cool friend!

The beginner knitting kits are standard patterns I have re-created using yarn I have sourced within Australia.
Delivered to your door free of charge, the kits contain yarn, needles, pattern and a link to a video tutorial specific to your kit.

Thanks so much for joining me.


A little bit french in my bow scarf and stripe top.

A little bit french in my bow scarf and stripe top.