Knitting Olympics 2016

Knitting may not seem to be the most athletic of activities. Basically it is making amazing things while sitting, drinking tea (or wine) and often watching telly!

However, did you know there is actually a 'knitting olympics'? Even though the olympic committee got cross and didn't want them to use the term Olympics, the clever peeps at Ravelry have created the Ravellenic Games.

If you'd like to use your couch time to join in the fun while watching the actual Olympic Games you can easily join in.

It really is just a bit of fun, no training or special diets required - in fact, you can snack away while competing!

The rules are flexible, very flexible. The idea is that you chose an 'event' category for your project and everyone casts on this project during the opening ceremony. For those who live in time zones not Olympic game 'friendly' - like Australia, you just cast on when you can. Unless of course you Aussies are planning to get up at 6am on Saturday morning to watch!

There are 15 Event categories - listed here.

If you haven't heard of Ravelry or used this site; it is a knitters and crocheters delight and very easy to use - just create a user name and password and login. Then you will then be in Yarnia!

It's almost imperitive as an Australian to watch the swimming and as a regular morning swimmer myself I've chosen to knit a Olympic Swimmer washcloth. My daughters' school friend Mack Horton will be swimming for Australia in the 400m and 1500m races, so we will be cheering loudly for him - Go Mack!

I just downloaded the pattern (for $2).

So enjoy your knitting and enjoy the Olympics - you might even win a medal (pin)!