Knitting Kits

When I talk with people about knitting and What Jane Knits, the first thing they ask is: Can you knit me a ... scarf/jumper/beanie/thing?

This is fine, and very flattering that they think I am able to just whip up a knitted garment for them. Then I explain, no I don't actually knit the products for people, I supply kits.

Here's your beanie. Hope you like the colour!

Here's your beanie. Hope you like the colour!

I decided to create What Jane Knits as a site for beginner knitting kits for a NUMBER OF reasons

Overwhelmed and Confused: I saw that people were interested in knitting, but not sure where to start. Sometimes they didn't live near a Wool shop or others just felt overwhelmed with the range and options available.

Overambitious and Unlikely to finish: Then there were people who were very keen to start so went to the local store and bought hundreds of dollars worth of yarn and needles and books to make that amazing blanket/throw they had seen in a magazine.

Out of practice: Often people learnt to knit in childhood and haven't touched a knitting needle in 30 years. New babies are often the inspiration to pick up the craft again.

Craft enablers: Sometimes people see the creativity in others and like to encourage them.

Hopefully a What Jane Knits kit will provide a beginner knitter the perfect introduction to knitting.

  • I have sourced quality yarn - mostly Australian merino, but some Italian alpaca.
  • The circular needles allow the beginner to slide their knitting down on the cord when they take a break so the stitches don't fall off.
  • The waterproof, zip-lock little project bag is great to put in a tote and take with you when you travel.
  • Most importantly the patterns are designed to be straightforward and easy to follow. The projects are small to encourage you to finish the product.

Being happy with the results of your labour is so very rewarding. These days many people share their knitted projects on social media... it is all part of the feel good factor associated with creativity. Sharing your work and getting positive feedback, even from strangers is exciting and encouraging! Hopefully Beginners will gain confidence and continue to knit ; gradually learning new techniques and trying more advanced projects.

So whilst I am very happy to knit my friends and family a few gifts, I certainly prefer if they pick up the needles and have a crack themselves! Like any new activity your knitting is unlikely to be immediately perfect - but hopefully the WhatJaneKnits kits will help you get a pretty good result you are happy to share.