Knitting: it's just like riding a bicycle

Five reasons why knitting is like riding a bicycle.

  • Like learning to ride a bike, many children are taught to knit by parents or grandparents. Combining co-ordination and youthful enthusiasm learning to cycle is a rite of passage for youngsters and just like knitting it's a skill you can use your whole life.
  • Cycling instead of driving is well known to benefit the air quality of cities. No emissions and no noise pollution either! Guess what is also good for the environment? Knitting!  Handmade garments don't produce pollution or require the use of fossil fuels. Well knitted garments can save money and  landfill by being handed down through the generations.
  • A great leisure activity. You don't need to compete in the Tour De France to enjoy cycling. Pedaling along a river bank with a friend or by your self can be a wonderful way to spend a sunny day. As with knitting. You don't need to knit a cable and fair isle jumper, a simple scarf can bring great rewards.
  • Both cycling and knitting can be either social or solitary pursuits.
  • Fun for everyone. Knitting and cycling are unisex activities. Men, women, girls and boys; the bike and the yarn don't discriminate.

Once you have learned to knit you may be a little wobbly at the start, but once you've got that cast on mastered, knitting is, well - as I said 'is just like riding a bike.'