As a child of the 70s I have quite a few of these photos with rounded corners, taken on my Instamatic camera. This particular photograph is a favourite and the story of this knitted jumper has stayed in my mind.


I remember my Mum knitting this with a huge bag of yarn and giant grey plastic needles. They were Rocket needles. Such a cool name I thought, Rocket needles!

It must have been school holidays and we were staying at my Uncles farm. My Mum was knitting away creating this awesome jumper using what she said was Carpet wool.  Oh wow, I thought, Carpet wool and Rocket needles this is cool.

I'm guessing that my Mums knitting did not go exactly to plan. I think this very on trend chunky cowl handknit was intended for her. What a boon for me then, that the finished item was obviously too small. I was given the amazing jumper. How exciting. I felt like such a grown up! After all this was the height of fashion in the 70s  all the glamour models were wearing this style. Yes, funny isn't it 2015 has the same trend!

Look at that smile as I hoist my little cousin on my hip, proudly modelling the chunky knit in front of the family Cortina. I was only about 11 years old, but I thought I was very mature.

As a knitter now, I can see the folly of this project. Carpet wool!! Are you kidding ?  This was never going to end well. And guage... don't forget to measure the gauge!

I can tell you my smile soon faded as this jumper was the heaviest and scratchiest thing I think I've ever worn. In fact I think this may have been the only time it was worn.

I'm sure my Mum was really disappointed she couldn't wear this jumper. However the photo of her daughter, so happy to sport this garment, must have made her feel a little better and at least she finished it and it was being worn.


What knitting memories do you have of your Mum? I'd love to hear. Let me know in the comments.