Knit proudly on World Wide Knit in Public Day

wool heart

The independent pursuit of knitting makes it a perfect activity to fit in to our daily lives.

However it is often a solitary pass time done in the privacy of our lounge rooms.

Platforms such as Ravelry have created 'virtual' knitting groups where knitters share triumphs and troubles. Even so, knitting with others is such a great reward. There is always great Community spirit that comes with sitting down to knit with a group. You can be assure of belly laughs, shared tips and inspiration. 


Saturday June 13 knitters emerge from their private yarn stash and we bring our wooly projects outside for all the world to see.

Established in 2005 by Danielle Landes; World Wide Knit in Public Day #wwkipday encourages knitters to meet and show off skills that are often maligned as 'daggy' or old fashioned. It's the day to cast off the shroud of knitting Nanna and knit proudly in public.

If you are in Melbourne you are welcome to join What Jane Knits by the banks of the Yarra River at the Arbory Bar from 12 - 2pm. For those who live elsewhere check out the Knit in Public webpage to find a group of like minded knitters near you.

So this Saturday pack up your projects and get out there and Knit!