Plane Knitting

It's winter holiday time in Australia and for many that means jumping on a Plane and heading to a sunny destination.

Queensland seems popular- maybe even overseas if you are lucky.

Virgin plane - knitting

The excitement of travel however often comes with the problem of the boredom... of travel! Not only the actual flying time, but waiting time at boarding gates or long bus rides to airports and accommodation and be a real drag.

For knitters however, the idea of hours of uninterrupted knitting time is an absolute bonus! If you are knitting a relatively simple project you don't need to focus too much and can probably watch a movie on the plane as well.

For a while there was a security ban on knitting needles. Luckily for us, this restriction has now been lifted by the Australian TravelSECURE department.

Australian domestic airlines allow knitting needles as carry on luggage.

Given the considerable enhancement of aviation security in recent years, the Australian Government have removed the following items from the Prohibited Items list:
• Umbrellas with metal points;
• Knitting and crochet needles;
• Pointed metal nail files (including nail clippers);
• Corkscrews; and
• Racquets used in squash, tennis, badminton or any other sport.

I recently travelled to the USA and flew domestically with United Airlines, I was allowed to bring my bamboo knitting needles through security and on board. However they advised against the metal Addi needles - so I packed them in my checked luggage.

If you are travelling overseas - I would recommend you phone the airline you are flying with and ask their policy. As an extra precaution, even then I would suggest bamboo needles rather than metal needles will most likely to be allowed in your carry on luggage.

So if you don't mind carrying a lot of yarn and you are headed on a long haul flight - this could be a great time to start that huge cardigan! Otherwise stick to a small manageable project to make the most of your air time.

Happy knitting and safe travels!