Knitting Peace

I have recently come across a promotion for a wonderful stage show called Knitting Peace.

It combines Circus acrobatics with a story of yarn creation and our quest for Peace. The set is created almost entirely of recycled white yarn (with a splash of colour as shown in the video). There are five incredible trapeze artists, live music, and spectacular acrobatics.

Watch this video and I'm sure you'll be as amazed as I am.

While sadly this show is yet to reach Australia, hopefully the talented Swedish performers of Cirkus Cirkor will visit us soon. Perhaps our White Night Festival in Melbourne would be a good showcase for them? 

The Philadelphia theater where the group are performing as part of the PIFA arts festival were asking for donated white pieces of knitting to be part of the stage set for the performance. Can we knit in peace, can we knit for peace?  Maybe we don't need to runaway to join the circus to be part of a creative and physical performance?