Do you want to knit something awesome?

Maybe you saw something cool and wondered if you could knit that.. it looked so simple but cool.

Can i knit it

I can help!

I really want you to feel great about learning a new skill and finishing a project.

That's why I have created the What Jane Knits kits for beginners. They are designed to be small simple projects that are easy to complete; and as a result you'll get that wonderful sense of achievement. It's all about nailing the basics.

The kits contain everything you need:

  • Quality Yarn
  • Knitting needles
  • Patterns
  • Sewing needle
  • Project bag

Before you set your heart on that chunky knit throw for your couch or huge slouchy jumper, have a look at these What Jane Knits kits.

  • Handwarmers
  • Loop scarf
  • Chunky knit beanie
  • Slouch beanie
  • Baby beanie
  • Baby poncho
  • Lost Tooth Pouch - especially for kids

Learning to knit was never so simple, especially with my online Video Tutorials.

Free delivery for Australian orders and a great exchange rate for overseas knitters! It's a win/win.

Let me know how you go and share your achievements online with #whatjaneknits.

Happy Knitting!












Cocktails and Casting On

Bring out your thread!

Last week a group of girls settled in with our knitting at The Honey Bar in South Melbourne.

Some brought along their own projects others purchased a What Jane Knits kit to get started.

Lots of chatting, laughs, wine and cocktails. We even managed to knit a little and exchange tips on yarn and techniques.

The curiousity of other customers was piqued and we had a couple of people ask about our knitting.

Hopefully we will hold another event soon. If you'd like to join us, sign up to the email list (on the right of this blog post page) and I will email you details of the next event.

Hope to see you next time.