Close knit community

The Stonnington council is running the second year of the Glow Festival. A festival designed to get the Stonnington community out and about in a dull Melbourne winter.

As you may or may not know, I host a knitting group at Malvern Library. Everyone one is welcome, but I mostly teach beginners how to knit.  It is through this connection with the Stonnington Library that I became involved in the Yarn based installation for the Festival.

The festival theme is 'down the rabbit hole'.. so a link with Alice In Wonderland was the perfect connection to the Stonnington Libraries. It was proposed that we create a community based Yarn project to connect with Glow.

We put together kits and tips for library users and the broader community to make Pom-Poms, finger knitting and knitted pieces along side kits including yarn and old CDs for weaving.

Meanwhile I set about knitting a variety of large form pieces as well as pieces to patch together for the yarn bombing.

I created hoops which were both woven and knitted which we threaded with fairy lights to spell out G L O W, these are displayed in the Library window.

I also knitted hoops featuring Alice in Wonderland images such as the Pocket Watch and Heart decorated with playing cards.

And of course what would an Alice In Wonderland yarn bombing be without an oversized knitted Cheshire Cat grinning madly from the tree?!

More community involvement came with the Installation, where the Toorak Library hosted a Mad Tea Party preceding the decoration of the area. 

The Tea Party was fab! We had prizes for everyone - thanks to donations  including Pancake Parlour vouchers and hamper. There was a themed photo booth, a story telling card wall, bunting made from playing cards as well as a delicious selection of tea from Yarra Valley Tea Company and gorgeous cakes and cookies from Verve Spice cafe in Toorak Rd.

With great enthusiasm, local families and others adults all set to work to hang pom poms, decorate trees, benches and bike racks! The woven CD's were strung like textiles Christmas lights. All in all, a great job.


Thank fully we finished in time as the rain came down around 5pm.

The next day, in true Melbourne style, it was blue skies and sunshine! I stopped by to check out how the installation had fared in the rain and came across local residents curious and entertained by the sudden decoration of the space. I had a chat with a number of people who all thought it was really fun and great idea.

Be sure to check it out if you're in the neighbourhood. The installation should be up until the end of August.


I look forward to working on more community based projects in the future, bringing together people with craft and creativity is a rewarding exercise.








Beanies for Good

Just a quick update to thank those who purchased What Jane Knits beanie kits over the past two months.

I have just now donated $25 to Carrie Bickmores - Beanies 4 Brain Cancer research fund and also $25 to Fight MND as set up by Neale Daniher .

Here's hoping even a small contribution makes some difference in the funds available to researchers. We have to believe they will eventually find cures for these terrible diseases.


Thanks to my knitting community. xx



Thank you for making YARN happen in Melbourne.

Yesterday was my Birthday.  So to celebrate, I decided to Host the Melbourne premiere screening of a documentary called YARN!

birthday flowers

Seriously... the date was just a co-incidence but what a fab birthday gift it was to host this event and see such a wonderful movie. I had seen reviews and promos for this documentary online for a while and since there was no distributor or any signs of screening in Australia - I decided to organize it myself.

Getting the minimum number of tickets to guarantee the screening was a little stressful, but thankfully lots of Craft and Textile fans shared my movie information and we reached the cut off. Then of course more ticket sales up to the day - 108 in all! So close to being sold out!

I was absolutely thrilled to see such a lovely group of movie goers all sharing a common love of YARN. Well done to those of you who knitted and crocheted in the cinema.

Creativity, laughter and global joy all connected to Yarn.

As hoped, the women featured in the documentary were delightfully inspiring.

Thorudottir Thorvaldar was so passionate with her protest crochet and embroided 'yarnbombing'. I loved watching her climb atop a Bongo drum in the streets of Havana to nail a revolutionary artwork to a wall. 

Havana yarn bomb YARN.jpg

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam born in 1940 was beautiful in her quest to encourage play and creativity for children who are increasingly attached to a television screen. Watching her dismantle her work after a year long installation was poignantly touching.

macrame playground

Join the circus and find out how you connect with the world. That's the message of performers from Cirkus Cirkor who balanced acrobatic skill and a philosophy to foster community and connected-ness.

Finally the fast talking, lightening speed crochet Queen, Polish born Olek. I loved her no holds barred attitude to life. She makes art, she has fun and loves to share with the world. Her mermaid swimming with dolphins was stunningly beautiful.

So many beautiful moments in the movie.

I'm grateful to you all who supported and attended this wonderful event.

(Special mention to Caron Wasserfall who made me this very sweet brooch.)