Daffodils and Christmas

Seasonally no one really associates Daffodils with Christmas.

It's either winter in the Northern Hemisphere or summer in Southern Hemisphere so Spring flowers are not readily available. Instead we associate Christmas with Poinsettias, Ivy and Christmas Lillies (lilium).

However I have fond memories of sitting in my Grandmas lounge room over Christmas holidays and embroidering Daffodils. No doubt the cricket was on and the rest of the tribe were sprawled on the floor watching TV and escaping the heat. I had been given the embroidery kit as a Christmas gift. It was the perfect summer project to work on. My Mum and my Grandma showed me how to do the various stitches required to complete the pattern and we all watched as the other Lillie (Dennis) smashed the West Indies!

Sadly, I don't think I ever finished it. However I really did enjoy it, and no doubt it furthered my love of crafts.

(Picture is not the the same, but very similar to my kit)