Celebrate Wool

May 18 - 24 is Australian Wool week.

Of course for most knitters, I hear you say... "every week is Australian Wool week".

But seriously, next week the Australian Wool Innovation and Campaign For Wool are creating a showcase for wool in fashion.

Just in time for winter, shoppers will be treated to glamorous displays of woolen garments and even a wooly art installation at the Macquarie Centre in Sydney.

For those not in Sydney there is a social media opportunity to get involved.

Simply get a photo of yourself surrounded by wool and post it using the #woolweek hashtag and @campaignforwool tag. 

This will give you the opportunity to win $1000 to spend at a Wool Week Fashion retailer. Yay!


Find your way to celebrate all things Wool next week and feel free to tag us @whatjaneknits in your Social media.