Start Small

You may have seen a lot of social media posts about oversized chunky knitting lately. I’ve certainly been tagged in a few!  

These huge arm sized Knits look really cool and lots of fun, but for a beginner, I like to start small.  A bit like my new kitten Earl. So cute!!

Handwarmers are the perfect project to get you knitting. They are easy to knit - worked flat, not in the round - and you will learn all the essential knitting skills. 

Learn to cast on, knit, purl and cast off.  From there you will be ready to tackle any project.  

The beauty of a small project is it is quick to finish so you won't have time to be bored. Also these little projects are very portable - just pop it in your bag and you can knit wherever you like - the bus, the beach... where ever!



The WhatJaneKnits handwarmer kits are such a great project currently available in two beautiful colours - dark blue/green teal and vivid fushia.  They also make a great gift for guys and girls.

Superior quality 100% Australian merino yarn. 

The handwarmer project kit comes complete with beautiful yarn, knitting needles, pattern, sewing needle and resealable project bag.

There are video tutorials and help from me online. 



Beautiful teal handwarmers and beanie  


Small things are so cute.. fushia handwarmers 💗 

12 Reasons you should Knit a pair of Handwarmers

What to knit? For beginners that is a daunting question. Never fear, here are 12 reasons why Handwarmers are the way to go for your first knitting project.


1. Handwarmers will not make your bum look big.

2. Never fear you don't have to take handwarmers off to use your phone!

3. You can even wear your handwarmers while you use your computer.


4. 80%* of girls think that knitting is cool - *not an actual fact, but close!


5. Even Yogis love handwarmers.


6. You can knit handwarmers on a plane.

plane knitting.jpeg

7. You can knit on a train.

train knitting.jpeg

8. You can knit even if you're not named Jane!

9. Knitting handwarmers will impress your friends.

knitting handwarmers.jpeg

10. The handwarmer kit is super easy to knit.... (don't tell your friends)

wjk handwarmerkit.jpg

11. Handwarmers are very handy ...

handwarmer swinging.jpeg

12. It's winter.. no one likes cold blue hands even if you are a Smurf!

smurf handwarmers

So get creative and start knitting a pair of handwarmers.

Click here to get the Grey alpaca or Teal merino handwarmer kit today

Share your knitting photos using #wjkhandwarmers on your favourite social media platform.