Knitted wall pouch for Kids

Just like you, I love looking through Pinterest (you can follow my pages here) and last week I came across this super cute knitted wall pouch.

I'm pretty sure it is the styling and photo that make this little wall pouch so cute, but it was a hit when I posted a copy of the image on my Facebook page.

The original instructions were in German so I thought I would try to make my own version and share with you some English version instructions.

  • Firstly - I just used what I had at home, so apart from my time it didn't cost me anything to make this.
  • Secondly - I have tried to imitate this photo, it is not my original idea.
Here is my finished version ... holding my very cute baby bear that I had as a child.

Here is my finished version ... holding my very cute baby bear that I had as a child.



I had 2 balls of this yarn I had used before - balls were not complete, so possibly one ball should be enough. Lionbrand Hometown USA Washington denim.

Size 10mm knitting needles

Stick from my garden

Ribbon - grosgrain - grey that I had in a box of ribbons.

Pom pom - I made this with some spare yarn.


  • Cast on 24 stitches using 10mm needles
  • Knit each row in garter/plain knitting
  • Knit until pieces measures 57 cm from cast on edge
  • Get your stick... place near top of knitting and fold over so there is approximately a 7cm top fold. Sew edges up 3 cm.. allowing room for the stick to slide in.
  • Fold up bottom edge of knitting until it is touching the top fold.
  • Sew up sides using mattress stitch.
  • When you reach top fold, sew the two edges together for approximately 2cm. Leave a large opening.
  • Slide stick through top.
  • Tie ribbon on one end of stick and adjust ribbon to find suitable length before cutting and tie other end.
  • Attach pom pom if you have one.

I have filled the pouch with a few soft toys, allowing this little bear to peep out the top.

Arrange toys as you like.

Because the yarn I used is Acrylic which is stretchy the pouch will stretch. If you have used a rope or very thick cotton yarn you will get less stretch. Either way it works well.