Fun, fashion and Melbourne Spring Carnival

Last year, I wrote about the amazing Spring Collection released by Chanel and how I thought it would be such a gorgeous look for the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival... especially on those wet windy days we are likely to have.

This year - inspired by the Chanel style - I have created my own Spring Racing beanie collection.

These beanies are hand knit in a variety of styles and colours, they are mostly very loose fitting and can be styled to suit your hair and outfit. The Beanies have been embellished with black birdcage veils, which can be adjusted to fit more snugly with a simple stitch. Each beanie also features a unique selection of hand stitched flowers, beads and sequins.

A variety of flower styles include Chiffon flowers, small iridescent flowers and daisy's made from lace.

For inspiration I have created some fashion boards to show how I think the beanies can come together in a race day outfit.

I'm sure if you watch the original Chanel video below, you will be wowed by how chic these look!

So If you can dare to be different and bring a little bit of fun to your outfit the beanies are available online now.

Delivery is included in the $75 however, if you require an urgent delivery please let me know.

(If you have a special request - you can always email me at jane but be quick!)



Spring Racing Headwear

The spring racing carnival in Melbourne is well and truly underway and the exciting final week at Flemington starts this Saturday with Derby Day.

The traditional colour to wear on Derby Day is Black & White. So while I was considering my outfit I was searching online for an appropriate headpiece. Much to my knitting delight I found these gorgeous Chanel Veiled Beanies.


My daughter insisted that I could not possibly wear one of these to the races... but she is wrong! Although the Dress code from the Victorian Racing Committee is fairly strict, there are no restrictions on women wearing Beanies in the Members Enclosure. (Blokes are not allowed to wear them).

I thought I could use Chanel as my inspiration (as my budget does not quite stretch to designer knit beanies) and create one myself. Melbourne's weather is notoriously unpredictable and if the forecast was for a wintery day it would be perfect. One week out and the weather was going to be 29c degrees. So I decided it would look kind of ridiculous wearing a wool beanie in searing heat.

Still - I think I'm going to give it shot and make one regardless. Who knows what other fancy hat wearing occasion may crop up on the calendar?