Lessons from yoga and knitting

Yesterday my Yoga Instructor, Monica,  took us through the steps to achieve Astavakrasan pose. (see image below)


Now, I'm a long way off being able to successfully manage this position. In fact it's highly unlikely I will ever be able to do that.  However, we all have to start somewhere.

Have you ever wistfully looked at a beautiful cable knit sweater or an Intarsia cardigan and wished you could create these. These complex designs and patterns can seem overwhelming in their detail when you look at them as a whole garment. But they are made from a variety of stitches, one stitch at a time. We learn new techniques over time and become more proficient with practice.

We all need to start at the beginning and learn the basics.

If it's Yoga you may be practicing forward folds. For knitting you can practice by making simple projects like scarves. In the end these skills will culminate, and little by little you will find flexibility and confidence.  Each step you take, will build confidence and the skills you need to reach your goal. You may feel challenged as you attempt new steps, but the pathway to learning is often frustrating. Start small and don't be too hard on yourself, you'll get there.

Yoga forward fold.jpeg

Images: from Top down - Monica Aurora; Vintage cable knit via Etsy ;Intarsia robe from Cleckheaton pattern by Romance was Born;  Yoga pose forward fold