Netflix and KNIT

We’ve all heard the saying, Netflix and Chill. However most people are not doing the ‘chill’ part when binge watching the latest Drama or Documentary series. (For those not familiar - the ‘chill’ part is mostly for the Tinder daters haha)

For many, watching these 8 hours of TV can create some kind of guilt for not using our time productively - HELLO KNITTING!

12 Ideas, 12 Days.png

Knitting simple projects can be a great supplementary activity to do while you watch TV.

Even for beginners if you are knitting a scarf or small project with a simple pattern you can easily do both. Of course unlike other TV there is a pause button. You are able to stop whenever you like and you don’t miss a thing when checking your knitting.

I still have trouble with sub-titled programs which require me to look at the screen the whole time, but regular programs are great.

The What Jane Knits projects are perfect Netflix and Knit kits!

Super simple kits include:

The WJK Baby Poncho

Handwarmer Kit

Alpaca Slouch Beanie

In fact I should start measuring how long to knit each project based on how many episodes of a series it takes to complete.

My recent viewing history has been:

  • FYRE documentary - what a disaster… and still they tried to bluff their way through!

  • Seven Seconds - old series but great police drama

  • 7 Days Out - I’ve viewed the episode on Channel Paris Fashion Show and my favourite the 11 Madison Park restaurant relaunch - fascinating!

  • Ellen DeGeneres at 60yo in her stand up show Relatable. So funny and clever.

So remove your TV viewing guilt and get knitting while you check out your latest Netflix programs.

Note: Any viewing recommendations are welcome!

Creative Women in Focus

Last Saturday I went to support my friend Nicole Mallalieu (Nikki) as she presented a talk in a series entitled Creative Women in Focus.

Nikki from You Sew Girl presenting at Duldig Studio

Nikki from You Sew Girl presenting at Duldig Studio

The talk was held at the Duldig Studio, it was near my home but I had never visited nor heard of this Studio.

I’m so pleased I attended. Nikki’s talk was very interesting talking about her creative path from childhood dress making, progressing to leatherwork, hatmaking and of course her highly successful pattern making and sewing books and classes.

Her story fitted in nicely with the venue. A family space that celebrated creativity.

The Duldig Studio is the family home of Karl Duldig and Slawa Duldig and their family. I was incredibly fortunate to meet the daughter of this family, Eva, and she gave us an intimate tour of the studio.

Whilst it is a small venue, it is of course a 1950s family home, the creativity is simply bursting from the seams!

The home/studio is filled with ceramic masks and sculptures, bronze figures, paintings, drawings and beautiful furnishings.

duldig studio.jpg

The story of the Duldig family and their journey from Austria in 1938 (fleeing the Nazi invasion - Anschluss) is remarkable, with many of the pieces on display including light fittings and furnishings being the same pieces that graced their home in Vienna.

The family story and the artwork combined make it a fascinating space. I was absolutely thrilled to see this wealth of creativity and I can’t wait to go back for another visit.

There are other talks and events upcoming, including a book club run by Fiona Clarke on the first Thursday of each month.

Such a diversity of arts. Furniture, sculpture, painting, ceramics.